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(+54 11) 4846-7500 / 6958-8882

DER)GO! = #DER)Client exclusive App for Android

DERCLI = #DER)Client exclusive software

Daily update

By updating our prices, you do not lose money.

Delivery of online purchases

Very reliable. It arrives on time and with no mistakes.

Photos | References

Over 28,000 product photos that allow visualization and avoiding errors.

Online stock

It allows you to view availability of the product you need.

Using DERCLI to place your orders will give you multiple benefits


Exclusive for #DER)Clients

• Great reliability in the order delivery and quick update of the price list.

• Security system and activation to be used exclusively by our clients.

• Automatic software update.

• Downloading electronical bills.

• Technical chat to be assessed by our phone salespeople in a personalized manner.

• Quick and precise search engine with the option to combine multiple searches.

• Updated news center with the latest products we have to offer.

• Real time order tracking.


Exclusive for #DER)Clients

• Detailed information of checking account. Receipt enquiry and download.

• Real time purchase status.

• Guarantee tracking.

• Return tracking.

• Novelties, sales and catalogue download.